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Aesthisave Promo Service Video

The Purpose.

AesthiSave was a new brand in the beauty industry that required an engaging video to capture its target audience. The challenge was to create a fast-paced and eye-catching video that would carry a powerful message and keep viewers engaged.

To ensure the video would appeal to the intended audience, we have to work closely with AesthiSave to curate content and music that encapsulated their brand while being memorable and impactful. We included vibrant visuals that were bright and inviting, showcasing AesthiSave’s products with captivating motion graphics and typography.

The soundtrack for the video was chosen for its upbeat tempo and ability to convey emotion in support of its messaging. We needed to select a song that held enough weight on its own but also furthered each image in the video – from creating anticipation leading up to key product reveals to providing an exciting climax at the end.

The Outcome.

We crafted an engaging social-first video to introduce AesthiSave to the world in just 40 seconds.

To create this video, we first explored their current branding and identified their core message for the campaign. Then, we developed a script and storyboard that highlighted the best features of AesthiSave’s product range. Once our concept was approved, it was time to shoot!

The video shoot took place over two days on location at AesthiSave’s headquarters. We used state-of-the-art equipment such as Sony Alpha cameras and DJI drones to capture stunning footage of their facility and its many offerings.

After the shoot, we worked tirelessly to craft the perfect edit that encapsulated the message of AesthiSave succinctly yet powerfully. With our team of experienced editors, sound mixers, and graphic designers, we were able to bring our vision to life in stunning HD resolution.

Finally, we launched a comprehensive ad campaign across key marketing channels such as Instagram to ensure maximum reach for the new video, which now sits proudly on AesthiSave’s homepage – giving any visitor an instant insight into their brand identity and values.



Half a day shooting, 1 day editing, 1 set of amends,

Pre-production paperwork, Client meeting, Support during handover

Up to 1 minute in length

Perfect for testimonials, short corporate overviews, product videos


2D animation

Up to 1 minute in length

2 Days production

Perfect for animated explainers that can incorporate stock footages

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