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Frankie Says – Promo video

The Purpose.

Frankie Says is a collection of modern, chic apartments located in London perfect for overnight stays. Our goal is to create top-notch videos that are both eye-catching and engaging, making sure our clients stay on trend with modern design elements and the latest trends in social media marketing.

Our portfolio project for this particular client was to create a video that would capture the attention of their target demographic (18-40) while also being able to engage viewers quickly. We wanted to create something that would make our clients stand out from the crowd and have an impact on those who watched it.

To do this, we used cutting-edge techniques such as motion graphics, 3D animation, cinematography and visual effects to ensure that the result was something unique and memorable. Additionally, to grab the attention of viewers, we also need to incorporate several social media elements into our videos, so they have maximum impact.

The Outcome.

We created a video for our client that brought the vision of their brand to life. Our team at Blue Whale Media worked hard to create a video that was upbeat, bright and full of energy.

We began by conducting pre-production research to determine the project’s right visual style and animations. We also went through all the footage provided by our client to pick out the best shots. In the edit, we combined all this live footage with custom graphics, animations and colours that were true to our client’s brand identity.

When it came to music selection, we considered how well it would fit into the desired theme and style of the video. We kept our target audience in mind throughout to ensure that everything was trendy yet on brand for our client.

To guarantee that their vision was accurately reflected, we collaborated with the client to ensure the video embodied their company and its intended audience.
Finally, we created two different versions of the video. One will be used on the website and another for YouTube and social media, with contact details included when ending the video.



Half a day shooting, 1 day editing, 1 set of amends,

Pre-production paperwork, Client meeting, Support during handover

Up to 1 minute in length

Perfect for testimonials, short corporate overviews, product videos


2D animation

Up to 1 minute in length

2 Days production

Perfect for animated explainers that can incorporate stock footages

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