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The Purpose.

G&M Safety are a company who are divided into different sectors; they provide safety netting and safety decking for the construction industry. They approached the Blue Whale Media Production team as they wanted a few videos to demonstrate the different safety measures they provide as a company. The primary purpose was to focus on the unique products they provide to other businesses.

The Outcome.

The team at G&M Safety provided us with some video clips they had filmed themselves, which would feature in different videos giving a different perspective to the videos. After the footage had been received from the client, the construction of the video took place. Our team worked with the client to ensure all videos were coherent; we had a goal of providing the client was one hundred per cent happy with the final video production.

Overall the videos consisted of two corporate videos to showcase the two main sectors of their business to their potential clients or customers. The product video showcased G&M Safety’s equipment lines that are provided to clients and customers. All of the work our video production team undertook accumulated into five videos in total; they were all added to their company websites, ready for when G&M Safety’s websites went live.



Half a day shooting, 1 day editing, 1 set of amends,

Pre-production paperwork, Client meeting, Support during handover

Up to 1 minute in length

Perfect for testimonials, short corporate overviews, product videos


2D animation

Up to 1 minute in length

2 Days production

Perfect for animated explainers that can incorporate stock footages

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