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North West Services

The Purpose.

North West Services are a leading plant provider of training services; their facility is one of the biggest training plants in the North West. They came to our video production team because they wanted to showcase their training centre and show potential customers where they are based. Within the video, we included the machinery they had on offer, which is a critical part in order to attract people who are looking for training courses within the sector or specialised machinery.

The Outcome.

To achieve the shot list put together, our team used drone footage to be able to encapsulate the size of the training plant fully. The use of drone footage is a great way to display the machinery in action, as the drone enabled us to capture the plant and machinery from all angles. Once all footage had been collated, we edited the video into a first draft and worked with the client to finalise the video. We made any tweaks or amendments suggested by the client to ensure they were fully satisfied with the video. The primary purpose and outcome required with this video production were to capture the full size and extent of the training plant, as it would ensure excellent traction when the video was released.



Half a day shooting, 1 day editing, 1 set of amends,

Pre-production paperwork, Client meeting, Support during handover

Up to 1 minute in length

Perfect for testimonials, short corporate overviews, product videos


2D animation

Up to 1 minute in length

2 Days production

Perfect for animated explainers that can incorporate stock footages

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